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Alternatives to Driving

Georgetown University is committed to promoting sustainable transportation and strongly encourages faculty, staff, students, and visitors to travel to Georgetown in ways other than driving. The university is well served by a number of transportation options, including bus, train, bicycle, walking, carsharing, taxis, ridesharing, and more. Benefits are also available to faculty and staff who choose alternatives to driving.

Georgetown University Transportation Shuttle (GUTS)

The Georgetown University Transportation Shuttle (GUTS) is a free shuttle that connects Georgetown University with two Metro stations, the Georgetown University Law Center, Capitol Hill, and Arlington.

Buses run on five routes, connecting the campus with Metro stations at Rosslyn (Blue, Orange, and Silver Lines) and Dupont Circle (Red Line), the Georgetown University Law Center, the U.S. House of Representatives, university offices on Wisconsin Avenue, and stops in Arlington, Virginia. Click here for more information about GUTS routes and schedules.

Public Transportation

Georgetown University is accessible by public transit using Metrobus, Metrorail, and the DC Circulator bus. Visit the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) website to plan your trip using Metrobus or Metrorail or plan your trip using Google Maps Directions.

Transit Benefits
Georgetown employees who use Metrobus and Metrorail can receive pre-tax transit benefits by enrolling in Smart Benefits. Employees can elect to deduct funds from their paycheck before taxes and add them to their SmarTrip card. After enrolling, the funds will be automatically added to your card each month and any unused benefits will be rolled over to the next month. Click here for instructions for enrolling in Smart Benefits and visit the WMATA website for additional details about the program.

Several public buses serve Georgetown University, Medstar Georgetown University Hospital, and the Georgetown neighborhood:

The G2 bus stops at the university main gates at 37th & O Streets, NW and connects to the Dupont Circle metro station (Red Line). Click here for the schedule and route map for the G2 bus.

The D6 bus stops at the entrance to Medstar Georgetown University Hospital and the north entrance of Georgetown University along Reservoir Road. The D6 also connects to the Dupont Circle metro station (Red Line) and Downtown DC metro stations. Click here for the schedule and route map for the D6 bus.

Other buses that stop close to Georgetown University include:

D2 bus - stops at 35th Street & Reservoir Road NW and connects with Glover Park and the Dupont Circle metro station (Red Line)
Click here for the schedule and route map for the D2 bus

38B bus - stops at M Street & 34th Street NW and connects with Rosslyn, Foggy Bottom, and Farragut West metro stations (Blue, Orange, and Silver lines) and Farragut North metro station (Red Line).
Click here for the schedule and route map for the 38B bus

30s series buses (31, 33, 30S, 30N) - stops along Wisconsin Avenue at P Street and N Street NW and connect with Friendship Heights and Downtown DC metro stations.
Click here for the schedule and route map for the 31 and 33 buses
Click here for the schedule and route map for the 30N and 30S buses

While there is not a Metrorail station in Georgetown, the free university GUTS shuttles connect Georgetown University with the Dupont Circle metro station (Red Line) and the Rosslyn metro station (Blue, Orange, and Silver Lines).

Several Metrobuses also connect with these and other Metro stations close to Georgetown. Learn more about using Metrorail, including operating times, fares, station maps, and more.

DC Circulator
The DC Circulator is another public bus that serves the Georgetown neighborhood close to the university.

The Dupont-Georgetown-Rosslyn route stops at 34th & M Street, NW and connects with the Dupont Circle metro station (Red Line) and Rosslyn metro station (Blue, Orange, and Silver Lines). Click here for the schedule and route map for the Dupont-Rosslyn Circulator bus.

The Georgetown-Union Station route stops at Wisconsin Avenue & N Street NW and at Wisconsin Avenue & M Street NW. This route also connects with Downtown DC, the Georgetown Downtown campus, and Union Station. Click here for the schedule and route map for the Georgetown-Union Station Circulator bus.


As a designated Bicycle Friendly University, bicycling is a key component of Georgetown's sustainable transportation mix. Biking to campus saves money, supports a healthy lifestyle, uses fewer resources, and promotes a healthier planet. Georgetown University provides many resources for commuting to campus by bike.

Bikes and GUTS Buses
The university GUTS buses feature bike racks on the front of each bus, giving bike commuters more options for riding a bike to and from campus.

Bicycle Parking on Campus
There are more than 1,000 bicycle parking spaces on Georgetown's campus. Covered bicycle parking is available in Garage 4 (under the Hariri Building) and in the Southwest and Leavey Garages. Use the following map to locate the bike rack closest to your destination:

Showers for Bike Commuters
Yates Field House offers free access to showers and locker rooms for faculty and staff who commute by bicycle to work. Contact Yates Field House at (202) 687-2400 for more information about resources for bicycle commuters.

Register your Bicycle
The Georgetown University Police Department (GUPD) offers free bicycle registration for students, faculty, and staff. Georgetown highly recommends registering your bike as it allows GUPD to contact you if your bike is impounded or stolen and recovered, as well as cut your lock if it breaks or you lose your key. Click here to register your bike with GUPD.

Capital Bikeshare
Capital Bikeshare is a bikesharing system in Washington, DC that allows users to temporarily reserve a bike and ride from one location to another. Users can pick up a bike at one bike station and park it at another, making it a great option for commuting to campus.

There is a Capital Bikeshare station outside the university main gates at 37th & O Streets, NW. Other Capital Bikeshare stations near the university are at Wisconsin Avenue & O Street, NW and Wisconsin Avenue & 34th Street, NW.

Become a member by registering on the Capital Bikeshare website. Use your membership key to reserve a bike at any Capital Bikeshare station and return to any station with an open space. Membership discounts are also available to faculty and staff. Email for more information.


Car2Go is a carsharing service that allows users to reserve a car and start their trip in one location and finish it in another, making it a great option for commuting. User can park cars in any unrestricted, on-street parking space around campus or at a dedicated car2go parking spot. Two Car2Go spaces are on Tondorf Road outside Village C and two spaces are in Lot G near the New Research Building at the Medical Center.

Car2Go is easy to use. Join the program and reserve a car with the Car2Go mobile app, the Car2Go website, or directly at any available Car2Go vehicle. Gas and insurance are included. Members of the Georgetown University community are eligible to enroll for a free Car2Go membership and 30 minutes of free driving. To register, go to and use promo code GTown0030.


Zipcar is a carsharing service that allows users to rent cars by the hour and is a great option for occasional trips from campus and back. Users must return cars to the same space where they began their trip.

Eight Zipcars are available on Georgetown University’s Main Campus. Five cars are parked on Tondorf Road in front of Village C. Three cars are parked at the north end of campus by the corner of Darnall Hall. Zipcars are also available near campus at 33rd Street and Wisconsin Avenue, Wisconsin Avenue and O Street, and behind 3237 N Street.

Zipcar is easy to use. Join the program, reserve a car online or with the Zipcar mobile app, then use your membership card to unlock the car and drive. Insurance and gas are included. Zipcars can also be used for university departmental use. Learn more at or call (866) 494-7227.

Taxis and Ridesharing

Taxis and ridesharing services like Uber and Lyft are common ways to travel to Georgetown University. Taxis are regularly available outside the university main gates at 37th & O Streets, NW. There is also a taxi stand outside the Leavey Center Hotel and Conference Center.

Uber and Lyft are ridesharing services that operate similar to taxis. Users can request a ride using the Uber or Lyft mobile apps. Sign up for an account by downloading the mobile apps and learn more on the Uber website and the Lyft website.

Guaranteed Ride Home

Guaranteed Ride Home (GRH) is a service that provides a free and guaranteed ride home from campus when unexpected emergencies arise. Commuters who travel to work at least two days a week by carpool, bus, train, bicycle or walking are eligible for the service.

GRH service is available Monday through Friday from 6am-10pm and. Commuters can use the service for an unexpected personal or family emergency, unexpected illness, or unscheduled overtime. Unscheduled overtime must be confirmed by the commuter's supervisor.

Commuters may use this program up to four times a year. Guaranteed Ride Home is offered by Commuter Connections, a network of local transportation services. Visit the Commuter Connections website or call 1-800-745-RIDE (7433) to register.

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